A bio-inspired portfolio of revolutionary therapeutics for inflammatory and infectious diseases

Orynotides are based on naturally-occurring peptides, theta-defensins that were discovered in Old World primates. Oryn has synthesized these cyclic peptides for use as novel human therapeutics to address inflammatory, autoimmune and infectious diseases that constitute a large majority of worldwide disease. Oryn is committed to introducing a paradigm changing approach to drug development utilizing the structural and biologic properties of theta defensins, cyclic peptides that evolved over billions of years, but absent in humans. Oryn’s strategy is to employ these novel cyclic molecules by re-introducing them as retro-evolutionary therapeutics.

Unique properties of Orynotides for
drug development

  • Orynotides are derived from theta defensins, the only cyclic proteins in the animal kingdom, produced by head-to-tail splicing of short peptide fragments to produce a cyclic, disulfide stabilized macrocyclic peptide
  • Exceedingly stable – unaltered for three days in human blood
  • Remarkable shelf life – Refrigerated Orynotide solution unaltered after 8 years
  • Readily produced at scale by chemical synthesis
  • Non-immunogenic- no neutralizing antibodies elicited in animals challenged daily for six weeks
  • Long circulating half-life: effective in inducing remission in animal models of RA when treatment every five days
  • Non-toxic: at least 50-fold safety ratio irrespective of route of administration
  • In infectious disease models, engineered Orynotides do not select for bacterial or fungal resistance
  • Orynotide technology is protected by seven issued US Patents and corresponding foreign filings