Oryn: the industry leader in theta defensin R & D

Oryn scientists discovered theta defensins, the only cyclic proteins in the Animal Kingdom. Employing a novel retroevolutionary approach to drug discovery, the company is pioneering research and development of new classes of bioactive peptides as therapeutics for several clinical indications.

Our objectives: develop and commercialize therapeutic applications of Orynotides

Oryn is committed to the clinical development of novel and affordable drugs to address unmet medical needs in autoimmunity, inflammation, and infectious diseases. The company has developed methods for synthetic and recombinant production of macrocyclic Orynotides that are stable, non-toxic, non-immunogenic, and non-immunosupressive. In preclinical models Orynotides are first-in-class agents for rheumatoid arthritis and several infectious diseases. The company is on track for first-in-human studies in 2017.

An organization that integrates scientific leadership with multi-disciplinary business skill sets

Oryn is American-owned by a small group of associates with biomedical expertise in rheumatology, immunology, and infectious diseases. Collaborating scientists include individuals with expertise in immunology, toxicology, and pharmacology. The technical team is complemented by seasoned business leadership including a senior executive of a major US bank and successful biotech and technology entrepreneurs. Members of the Scientific Advisory Board include experts in pharmaceutical development, immunology, and regulatory affairs.

Oryn funded its early operations through investment by its founders and close associates committed to the company’s mission. In 2015, Oryn was recipient of a Direct-to-Phase II SBIR grant from the National Institutes of Health (“First-in-Class Macrocyclic Peptide for Rheumatoid Arthritis; PI: Dr. Dat Tran, Oryn’s Scientific Director).   Oryn is also the corporate partner on a recently awarded five year NIH grant to the University of Southern California (“Host defense-stimulating Macrocyclic Peptides for Treatment of MDR bacterial infections”, PI: Dr. Michael Selsted, USC Dept. of Pathology).

Oryn’s technical edge and our vision for the future: an entirely new class of clinically valuable therapeutics

Oryn has developed and patented technology that gives it a technical edge in the design, functional analysis, and production of Orynotides, peptide derivatives of macrocyclic theta defensins. The company has developed novel methods for chemical synthesis and recombinant expression in bacteria and plants. Mechanistic, in vitro, in vivo, and preclinical efficacy studies predict that the company’s lead compounds will be efficacious in a number of human disorders characterized by dysregulation of inflammatory pathways (e.g., rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, idiopathic juvenile arthritis, cystic fibrosis). As noted, Oryn is developing a class of anti-infective agents that are highly active against multi-drug resistant bacteria and fungi. Thus Oryn is uniquely positioned to develop new classes of clinically valuable therapeutics.