Meet the Orynotides, novel cyclic “defensins” that promise to revolutionize the
way we treat autoimmune, inflammatory and infectious diseases

Oryn’s patented Orynotides have achieved what no other drugs have been able to do. In pre-clinical tests, they induce remission of rheumatoid arthritis. This is a first because they do so without the harmful side effects of current therapies which merely dial down symptoms. Engineered Orynotides are remarkable as antimicrobials as well. They are highly active against multi-drug resistant bacteria and fungi. In pre-clinical tests, Orynotides reverse severe sepsis, which is often fatal despite aggressive treatment.

Orynotides are cyclic peptides which Oryn has endowed with the powers of theta defensins. These natural defenders, which some primates have, but humans lack, protect against inflammatory and infectious diseases. Bio-inspired Orynotides are safe, stable, easy to synthesize and long-lasting both in the body and on the shelf. Their therapeutic potential is revolutionary.

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Theta defensins: powerful cyclic peptides that
humans lost along the evolutionary road


Oryn scientists first identified the unique properties of theta defensins when we wondered why Old World monkeys like macaques, baboons and mandrills (above) are highly resistant to sepsis and autoimmune diseases like RA. We found that these nonhuman primates produce great quantities of theta defensins.


Oryn scientists discovered that the chimpanzees (above), other great apes, and human “lost” theta defensins as different primates diverged through evolution. Oryn is in effect turning back the evolutionary clock. Our retro-evolutionary strategy applies endogenous therapeutic properties of theta defensins to drugs for treatment of human diseases. Theta defensins are “missing link” molecules that have great promise as nature-derived agents for treating autoimmune/inflammatory diseases and life threatening infections.

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Orynotides outperform current rheumatoid arthritis drugs in preclinical models

Immunoregulatory Orynotides: Oryn discovered that the unique properties of Orynotides suppress inflammatory mediators implicated in the onset and progression of RA. Using a robust rodent model of RA, Orynotide ORTD-1 was shown to be superior to existing RA drugs, including a leading anti-TNF biologic (Enbrel®). ORTD-1 treatment of experimental arthritis in rats induces remission of established disease after only 9 days of treatment, whereas methotrexate and Enbrel® only arrest disease progression. ORTD-1 induces remission that is long lasting (2-3 months) after treatment is discontinued.

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Orynotides are effective against multidrug-resistant bacteria and sepsis

Antimicrobial Orynotides. Efficacy of Orynotides has been demonstrated in animal models of various drug-resistant bacterial, and polymicrobial infections. This figure from a recent study shows that engineered Orynotide OTP-602 protects mice from sepsis caused by multi-drug resistant bacteria. Mice were injected with a lethal dose of multi-drug-resistant bacteria (carbapenem-resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae) and treated with saline or  OTP-602. Treatment with OTP-602 resulted in long term survival of 80% of infected animals, all of which succumb to sepsis if untreated.

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